Benefícios de construir um pacote de fábrica de casas pré-fabricadas com a Norges Hus

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Modular Houses – Benefits of building a prefabricated house factory package with Norges Hus

Prefabricated house – Norges Hus

Budgetary benefit

There are two things to consider in terms of finances.

First, when contracting one company to do everything turn-key, you will be expected to prepay a significant amount from the whole contract. When you build step-by-step, you will also be able to spend your budget step-by-step. Many customers have these questions – what if I only have a certain amount to start with? What if my bank is not willing to finance my project? When building a prefab factory package, you can first plan the foundation and assembly of the prefab house elements, plus the roof covering. In this time you can rearrange your assets or renegotiate with your bank. An existing house (although not finished yet) is worth much more than just an idea of a house.

Second, when contracting one company to do all separate steps, you will spend more money than you would by building step-by-step. Turn-key solutions include subcontracts and outsourcing. Rest assured, there will be margins and commission fees in every step. Where as by building a prefab house step-by-step, you can choose the best bidder and the best quality for each service. You can be even more cost-efficient, when you are prepared to do some of the works by yourself.

Specialization benefit

If something is good for everything, it’s not good for anything.

We are specialized in producing prefab house elements and roof constructions. We have been doing it for years, we know what needs to be considered to build quality. We have top notch Dietrich’s software for production drawings and we have experienced people to use it. We know the quality of our materials and our services. Only this way we can quarantee our customers with quality product.

You should expect the same from each step of the building process. Foundation layers must be top notch in their field, electricians and plumbers in theirs’ etc. To expect one constructor to be specialist in everything, is to be disappointed many times. Hiring the best possible services in each step will contribute to the maximum quality outcome. Also, hiring local companies for seprate steps means you will be able to have immediate contact with them whenever there is a need to consult or fix shortcomings.

Control benefit

Whether it is your first house or not, whether it is small or spacious, whether it has one floor or three or more – we all want our home to be perfectly built.

Thus you will feel more safe, when you can control all the steps in the building process. Checking the evenness of the foundation, before the assembly; checking the levelness and fixation of the walls and roof construction, before continuing with interior works; checking the plumbing and electricity works (and taking photos), before closing the wall elements – there is no better project manager than the owner of the house. Investing time and effort in acquiring knowledge in building process will help you to understand the function and importance of each element.

Once the construction companies have left, you will be the building manager of your house. Knowing your building and being sure of it’s quality will make the future management simple and low-cost.

Project planning benefit

There is no such thing as two exactly the same houses. Even twins have different taste.

When you are presented with a „take it or leave it“ floor plan, many customers feel disturbed. Building a home is realizing a dream. For most of us it’s once in a lifetime. Therefore we at Norges Hus do our best to offer customized solutions.

Our customers are free to choose a prefabricated house model from our website and we will customize it to your special requests – we will move the windows or walls, we can make the same model smaller or taller or bigger, we can mirror the floorplans from left to right or top to bottom, we can open up the ceilings to create open spaces etc. If you do not find a suitable house from our website, you can draw it yourself and send it to us for feasibility study and price calculation.

Design benefit

Some of us are keen interior designers. Some of us are not. However we all should be the creators of our prefabricated homes.

Wheter we want our house to be black or white or blue or purple, first and foremost we want the freedom of choice. We wish to choose the materials freely, not from a standardized catalogue. We wish to choose the quality of the products and we wish to choose the price. You can do amazing things with low budget and you can also decide for high-price designer items.

In building your prefabricated house step-by-step you can use simple design standards or limitless options. You will decide the appearance of your house. Dream it, build it, live it!