Modular House 51 - Price 40000
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Casa Modular 51 – Preço 40.000.-€ + IVA

Modular House 51 – Price 40.000.-€ + VAT.

Modular House 51 – Step into a realm where contemporary design meets nature’s tranquility with the NorgesHus Modern Modular House. Designed for those who appreciate a fine balance between style, space, and sustainability, this home represents the zenith of eco-friendly Nordic architecture.

  • Floor & Living Area: Boasting a comprehensive floor area of 51m2, the living space stands expansively at 42.5m2. The architecture ensures an airy feel, making use of every square meter to establish a free-flowing environment.
  • Design & Structure: Its minimalist flat roof underscores a trendy modern aesthetic, while the elegant wooden pergola shading the entrance serves as both a functional and design element, setting a welcoming tone for residents and guests alike.
  • Rooms & Amenities: The heart of the home lies in its capacious living room that seamlessly integrates with an open kitchen, a perfect setting for both day-to-day living and entertaining. The large bedroom offers a sanctuary for relaxation, accompanied by ample storage space. To cater to modern needs, a well-appointed bathroom is fitted with contemporary fixtures.
  • Material & Build: Rooted in the Nordic tradition of wooden architecture, the house resonates with warmth and character. Its wood construction not only melds seamlessly with natural surroundings but also stands as a testament to timeless, durable craftsmanship.
  • Eco-friendly Construction: In alignment with NorgesHus’s vision of sustainable living, this modular house is constructed using environmentally-responsible materials and practices. It’s a home that allows residents to tread lightly on the Earth, without compromising on luxury or comfort.

The NorgesHus Modern Modular Houses, with its refined design and eco-centric approach, offers an unparalleled living experience. It’s not just a house; it’s a statement of forward-thinking lifestyle choices, a perfect blend of modern comforts and environmental responsibility.

Prefabricated Houses

Assembly – Modular house

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    Transportation of modular houses
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    Transporte de casas modulares

    Transporting a NorgesHus modular houses is an important part of the overall process of modular home construction.


    1. Preparation:

    Prior to transportation, the modules are prepared for the journey. This involves wrapping them in protective materials to prevent damage during transit. All loose parts and materials are securely fastened or removed.

    1. Loading

    Each module is lifted with a crane or forklift and carefully placed onto a flatbed truck or a specially designed trailer for transport. The modules are then secured to the truck or trailer with straps and other restraints to prevent movement during transport.

    1. Route Planning

    Planning the route to the site is a crucial step. The size and weight of the modules may restrict the routes that can be taken, and any obstructions along the way, such as low bridges or narrow roads, must be considered. Special transportation permits may be required in some areas.

    1. Transport

    The modules are then transported to the site. The transport vehicles are often accompanied by pilot vehicles, which help guide the truck and warn other road users. Special care must be taken during transport to avoid damage to the modules.

    1. Unloading and Positioning

    Upon arrival at the site, each module is lifted off the truck or trailer with a crane and placed onto the prepared foundation. The crane must be operated by a skilled operator to ensure that the modules are placed correctly and not damaged during the process.

    1. Assembly

    After all the modules are placed, they are fastened together and any protective wrapping is removed. Then the finishing work can begin, such as connecting utilities, sealing the seams between modules, and completing any site-built components like porches or garages.

    Transportation is a significant factor in the cost and timeline of a modular home project. It requires careful planning and coordination to ensure that the modules arrive safely and are placed correctly. Despite these challenges, the transportation process is usually quicker and less disruptive than traditional on-site construction.

    NorgesHus Modular Houses Assembly
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    É assim que você se torna proprietário de uma Casa Modular NorgesHus

    A personal conversation is the first step for further planning – we would like to get to know you and your needs better.

    Detailed Planning
    A shared understanding is the foundation for the optimal size, layout, and furnishings of your future NorgesHus Modular House. We aim to incorporate as many of your wishes as possible under one ‘roof.’ The location and your plot of land also play a crucial role in this process.

    You will receive an offer from us as a NorgesHus Factory Package House. Once we have reached an agreement and this process is complete, the submission of the building plans will follow.

    We safely manufacture your dream NorgesHus Modular House in our factory halls, protected from the elements. All specified details are meticulously executed step by step according to the plan. You are welcome to take a look inside during this phase.

    An articulated lorry delivers your dream house to the location virtually overnight.

    Using a mobile crane, the modules are carefully detached and assembled on the screw or strip foundations, and the house is put together within a matter of hours.

    When everything is ready, the handover takes place. It’s only then that you truly experience what modern living is all about – complete comfort. Even after the handover, we are always here to support you with advice and assistance.

    Your Advantage:
    Since we plan and build each house individually,
    all your wishes can be taken into account!
    No matter what floor plan, size, room layout, number of floors, or amenities you imagine.
    We make it possible.
    “There’s no such thing as impossible!”

    “We build for your well-being!”

    NorgesHus Modular houses wall
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    Casas Modulares – NorgesHus Parede – Teste de fogo

    Modular Houses – Norges Hus Wall – Fire test


    Introduction – NorgesHus Modular houses wall
    When considering the application of any building material in construction, understanding its fire-resistance and behaviour under fire conditions is of paramount importance. This article delves into the fire testing conducted on a NorgesHus wall made from wood fibre plates.

    Material Description – NorgesHus Modular houses wall
    Wood fibre plates are eco-friendly materials manufactured by bonding wood fibres under heat and pressure, often without the use of synthetic adhesives. They are favoured for their insulating properties, environmental sustainability, and adaptability in construction.

    Fire Test Objective
    The primary objective of the fire test was to evaluate:
    The fire resistance duration of the wood fibre plate wall.
    The rate of flame spread across the surface.
    The amount of heat released during combustion.

    Sample Preparation: A standard section of the NorgesHus wall was constructed using wood fibre plates. The sample was placed vertically and subjected to a controlled flame source.

    Fire Resistance: The NorgesHus wall made from wood fibre plates exhibited a fire resistance of [specific duration, e.g., “30 minutes”] under the test conditions.

    Flame Spread: The rate of flame spread across the wood fibre plate surface was relatively low, indicating the material’s resistance to rapid fire propagation.

    The NorgesHus modular houses wall made from wood fibre plates demonstrates commendable fire resistance and flame spread properties. While any wood-based material will have inherent combustibility, the construction of the wall and the properties of the wood fibre plates combine to provide a level of fire safety that meets or exceeds many building code requirements.


    NogesHus Modular House Animation Assembly
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    Casas Modulares – Animação de montagem

    “Step into the Future with Norges Hus Modular Houses Video Animation!”

    Discover a seamless experience of assembling your dream home. Our video animations guide you through every step, making the journey of building a modular house as simple as pie. Dive into a visual journey of  – making with Norges Hus.


    “Why Choose Modular with Norges Hus?”

    • Efficiency: Our modular houses are pre-fabricated, reducing on-site work and hastening occupancy.
    • Quality: Engineered in controlled environments, ensuring consistent quality and durability.
    • Flexibility: Endless customization options to reflect your personality and needs.
    • Sustainability: Environmentally conscious materials and practices, for a greener tomorrow.

    “Pioneers in Modular Home Animations”

    At Norges Hus, we recognize that the future of home-building is modular. But what sets us apart is our commitment to clarity and education. Our top-notch video animations are designed to de-mystify the modular house assembly process, ensuring you’re never in the dark.


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    Casas Modulares – Porquê optar por um Casa modular by Norges Hus


    Modular houses – Why to choose Norges Hus Modular house?

    Modular Houses – Cost-effective
    Modular houses are typically less expensive than traditional homes. This is because they are built in a factory, where materials can be purchased in bulk and costs are minimized.

    Speed of construction
    Modular Houses from Norges Hus are constructed much faster than traditional homes, as most of the construction process takes place in a factory. This can significantly reduce the time it takes to move into your new home.

    Customization options
    Norges Hus Modular Homes can be fully customized to your individual needs and preferences. You can choose from a range of designs, layouts, and finishes to create a home that is uniquely yours


    Almost passive house energy rated A+ or above

    Timber building with seismic resistance class 1

    Framed external bearing wall structure finished with external wooden façade with thermal performance coefficient equivalent to: U = 0.19 W/m2

    The roof with roof trusses supplied has a thermal performance coefficient equivalent to: U = 0.18 W/m2

    The solid and/or laminated wood structures meet the requirements set out in clause A of section 11.1 of NTC 2018 standards (CE marking of structural elements)

    All the windows and patio doors are triple glazed with double cavity and have Class S profiles (as specified in standard EN 12608). They also have a very high radiation resistance value (12 GJ/m2), well above the limit stipulated by the standard.

    The structural guarantee is for ten years.

    NorgesHus Modern Modular Houses offers you every comfort and a pleasant indoor climate. Enjoy the construction of a high-quality modular house with a facade cladding made of Pine and a very beautiful wood structure. With the spacious terrace and small pergola, the house is perfect as a permanent residence or holiday home, a perfect place to live in and with nature. The purchase price includes according to specification. The delivery time is approximately 8 weeks.

    NorgesHus Modular Houses - House 90
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    Benefícios de construir um pacote de fábrica de casas pré-fabricadas com a Norges Hus

    Modular Houses – Benefits of building a prefabricated house factory package with Norges Hus

    Prefabricated house – Norges Hus

    Budgetary benefit

    There are two things to consider in terms of finances.

    First, when contracting one company to do everything turn-key, you will be expected to prepay a significant amount from the whole contract. When you build step-by-step, you will also be able to spend your budget step-by-step. Many customers have these questions – what if I only have a certain amount to start with? What if my bank is not willing to finance my project? When building a prefab factory package, you can first plan the foundation and assembly of the prefab house elements, plus the roof covering. In this time you can rearrange your assets or renegotiate with your bank. An existing house (although not finished yet) is worth much more than just an idea of a house.

    Second, when contracting one company to do all separate steps, you will spend more money than you would by building step-by-step. Turn-key solutions include subcontracts and outsourcing. Rest assured, there will be margins and commission fees in every step. Where as by building a prefab house step-by-step, you can choose the best bidder and the best quality for each service. You can be even more cost-efficient, when you are prepared to do some of the works by yourself.

    Specialization benefit

    If something is good for everything, it’s not good for anything.

    We are specialized in producing prefab house elements and roof constructions. We have been doing it for years, we know what needs to be considered to build quality. We have top notch Dietrich’s software for production drawings and we have experienced people to use it. We know the quality of our materials and our services. Only this way we can quarantee our customers with quality product.

    You should expect the same from each step of the building process. Foundation layers must be top notch in their field, electricians and plumbers in theirs’ etc. To expect one constructor to be specialist in everything, is to be disappointed many times. Hiring the best possible services in each step will contribute to the maximum quality outcome. Also, hiring local companies for seprate steps means you will be able to have immediate contact with them whenever there is a need to consult or fix shortcomings.

    Control benefit

    Whether it is your first house or not, whether it is small or spacious, whether it has one floor or three or more – we all want our home to be perfectly built.

    Thus you will feel more safe, when you can control all the steps in the building process. Checking the evenness of the foundation, before the assembly; checking the levelness and fixation of the walls and roof construction, before continuing with interior works; checking the plumbing and electricity works (and taking photos), before closing the wall elements – there is no better project manager than the owner of the house. Investing time and effort in acquiring knowledge in building process will help you to understand the function and importance of each element.

    Once the construction companies have left, you will be the building manager of your house. Knowing your building and being sure of it’s quality will make the future management simple and low-cost.

    Project planning benefit

    There is no such thing as two exactly the same houses. Even twins have different taste.

    When you are presented with a „take it or leave it“ floor plan, many customers feel disturbed. Building a home is realizing a dream. For most of us it’s once in a lifetime. Therefore we at Norges Hus do our best to offer customized solutions.

    Our customers are free to choose a prefabricated house model from our website and we will customize it to your special requests – we will move the windows or walls, we can make the same model smaller or taller or bigger, we can mirror the floorplans from left to right or top to bottom, we can open up the ceilings to create open spaces etc. If you do not find a suitable house from our website, you can draw it yourself and send it to us for feasibility study and price calculation.

    Design benefit

    Some of us are keen interior designers. Some of us are not. However we all should be the creators of our prefabricated homes.

    Wheter we want our house to be black or white or blue or purple, first and foremost we want the freedom of choice. We wish to choose the materials freely, not from a standardized catalogue. We wish to choose the quality of the products and we wish to choose the price. You can do amazing things with low budget and you can also decide for high-price designer items.

    In building your prefabricated house step-by-step you can use simple design standards or limitless options. You will decide the appearance of your house. Dream it, build it, live it!

    Modular Houses - Production Factory - reference windows - NorgesHus
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    Casas Pré-fabricadas – Vídeo

    Prefabricated Houses – Video


    Certainly! Crafting engaging text to accompany a video presentation on Norgeshus prefabricated houses for your website is important for capturing your audience’s attention. Below is a sample text that provides an introduction, key features, and the benefits of choosing Norgeshus houses.

    🎥 Watch NorgesHus Video to Explore the Revolution in Home Building!

    Welcome to Norgeshus’s exclusive look into the future of housing—Norgeshus  houses. Say goodbye to extended construction timelines, skyrocketing costs, and logistical nightmares. Norgeshus video guide walks you through the innovative world of prefab homes, an alternative that is not just efficient but also highly customizable. Join us in exploring how Norgeshus prefab homes are changing the way we think about living spaces! – FAQ – prefab homes

    NorgesHus Modular Houses - Project Cyprus
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    Construção facilitada – Casa Pré-fabricada da NorgesHus

    Prefabricated House from NorgesHus – Building your home step-by-step

    1. PLANNING of your Prefabricated House
    • Choose a suitable prefab house model from (or send us your own project);
    • Customize your house plan with our drawing team;
    • Find a local architect and apply for building permit;
    • Production drawings prepared by Norges Hus team.
    • Ask for the foundation plan from Norges Hus;
    • Choose a local company for ground works;
    • Lay the foundation based on Norges Hus plan;
    • Inform our team when the foundation has set and is ready for assembly of the house.
    • Norges Hus will arrange transport for your prefabricated house with 13m trailers. If you have limited access on your building site, please tell us in the planning phase;
    • Order a crane for the unloading and assembly of your house;
    • Norges Hus assembly team will install the walls, the roof construction and windows of your new home.
    4. ROOFING
    • Choose your roof finishing – stone tiles, metal sheets or bitumen shingles;
    • Our engineers have taken into consideration the location of your house. Depending on the region we calculate wind and snow load or earthquake risk;
    • Choose a local company to install the roof covering.
    • Choose two local companies to finish the electricity and plumbing works of your prefabricated house;
    • Your house is now safe from the weather and you have time to think through all the necessities in your future home. The walls are still open from inside. Should you wish to update your initial plan for plugs, switches and lights – this is the time to do it.
    • Depending on the region, exterior wall elements need additional 45mm laths, 50mm wool, OSB plates (optional, but recommended) and plasterboard;
    • Choose a local construction/renovation company to finalize Interior Works, Interior Decoration, Floors and Doors;
    • It can be one and the same contractor, separate private contractors or you can also do this by yourself and save on the budget.
    • Interior decoration includes painting the walls, laying wallpaper and ceramic tiles for bathrooms or kitchen as well as installation of sanitary equipment.
    • The most delicate part of finishing works is placing the floors and doors. Both are exposed to scratches, need to be handled with care and installed as final step.